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Sports Premium Spending

Sports Vision

We have set three goals that we want to achieve through the sports provision at Sproatley:

Broaden the PE experience for pupils by creating opportunities children wouldn’t normally receive

    1. Provide all children with a good standard of teacher-led curriculum teaching, something that we have worked hard to improve since the introduction of the schemes of work currently used
    2. Utilise the assessment tools available within the scheme of work to make informed decisions about challenging pupils through PE
    3. Adapt our curriculum to provide the children with opportunities to experience sports they may not have encountered before, or wouldn’t normally do away from school e.g. archery, orienteering etc.

Continue to provide a range of competitions

    1. Continue to be part of the Holderness Sports Partnership, where we access inter-school competitions, CPD and networking opportunities
    2. Take advantage of other competitions that may appear on the calendar e.g. future Ebor academy wide events, Tigers Trust competition calendar etc.
    3. Increase the percentage of children attending the more widely accessible events e.g. orienteering to earn a B-Team acknowledgement on our School Games Mark application

Build a stronger image of sport across the school

    1. Provide more inclusive opportunities through the sports offered to allow target groups of children to have a platform to flourish in school
    2. Utilise events or target particular groups to lower the percentage of children who don’t get involved with extracurricular sporting activities
    3. Model a good attitude to sports to the children by promoting the correct kit choices, providing spares where necessary etc.
    4. Work together as a school to value the equipment in order to send a positive message to the children

Sports Competitions

FestivalFootball Tournament
As part of the School Sports Partnership, we gain access to a range of inter-school competitions.

We have taken part in a wide range of competitions including dodgeball, tag rugby, football, athletics, cricket, rounders at Holderness Academy and orienteering at Burton Constable. These competitions give children the chance to represent their school in a sporting event and they target a mixture of year groups from years 3-6.

Also, we host three large intra-house competitions a year. We hold our traditional sports day which features a selection of races where the children compete in their houses but we also have intra-house football and rounders competitions. The children are not only representing their school during these events, but representing their school house and their peers.

Finally we also have access to mass participation events through the Sports Partnership. Whilst these aren't competitive events, it does provide the children from year 2-6 to get together with other schools in the area and experience lots of different sporting activities.

School Games Mark

For the academic year 2021/2 we received the Gold Schools Games mark after several years of consistently achieving the Silver School Games mark. This was a huge achievement for the school and we are excited to begin our multi-year journey which will hopefully lead to Platinum!

2021/22 School Games Mark Certificate