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Our School Houses


Our red house, Heron, is named after Francis Heron, an eighteenth century benefactor who left money in his will to help the children in the Parishes of Humbleton, Fitling and Flinton. The Heron Trust's priority was to continue to support children living in the parish of Humbleton and surrounding villages of Flinton and Fitling, with grants when starting school, higher education or university. The Heron trust has provided a lot of support to Sproatley Endowed C of E Academy, most recently helping to fund our "Heron Room", a nurture space to aid with the provision of health and wellbeing support.

Read about The Heron Room's developments here.

Heron Captain

"As the Heron house captain, I enjoy the smile on people's faces when they get an award or a sticker! Another reason why I like being a house captain is because I like saying well done to people. All of the children at Sproatley School are lovely and they have a big heart. It is the best school and we have lots of awesome staff."

Heron Vice Captain

"I feel thankful for being the vice captain of Heron house. It is very nice to be the vice captain because it makes me feel responsible."


Our green house, Biggs, is named after The Bridgett Biggs Trust. Bridgett Biggs was the daughter of George Bewe (d. 1680), rector of Sproatley. She left the reversion of an estate in Sheffield, Penistone, and Ecclesfield for education in Sproatley by her will of 1733 or 1734. The Bridgett Biggs charity has grown throughout history and in more modern times, the trust has continued to support the school. They also helped fund the development of our nurture space, The Heron Room.

More information about the history of Sproatley and Bridgett Biggs can be found here.

Biggs Captain

"As the house captain of Biggs, I like being able to say well done to people when they get team points. I enjoy seeing their faces when they get a sticker or a reward. The people of Sproatley school are really nice and I love being able to put a smile on people's faces. When I give a "well done" it is really nice seeing the little boys and girls faces."

Biggs Vice Captain

"I've been at Sproatley School since nursery and I have never been at a different school because I love it here. When I first came, I wasn't sure if I would like it but soon after I started, I made loads of friends. Back then, I absolutely loved school and I still do now."


Our yellow house, Swithins, is named after the links with our local church - St Swithins. The church plays an integral part in our school life, with children regularly visiting the church as part of whole school services and classes visiting the church to complete activities during their learning.

You can find out more information about St Swithins church here.

Swithins Captain

"I believe that this school is great. The teachers are supporting and if you ever feel bad, staff will always make you happy. There are great children and great food. I really enjoy how we get different meals each week! I'm really glad that I'm a team captain and I'm really glad that I come to this school."

Swithins Vice Captain

"I feel grateful for my opportunity to be the vice captain of Swithins. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity!"


Our blue house, Constable, is named after the listed building located near the school, Burton Constable Hall. Burton Constable Hall is a large Elizabethan country house and is a Grade 1 listed building, meaning it is a "building of exceptional interest". It is set in a park designed by Capability Brown with an area of 300 acres and it has been the home of the Constable family for over 400 years. The hall and park are owned by the Burton Constable Foundation, a registered charity.

You can visit the Burton Constable Hall website by clicking here.

Constable Captain

"As the Constable captain, I am thoughtful towards other and I am a compassionate person by making the school a safe environment for everyone. I enjoy giving people stickers and putting a smile on other people's faces. Also, I like giving happiness to other people."

Constable Vice Captain

"I am so grateful to be the vice captain for Constable. I love being with all of the house and vice captains and I like to make some decisions for my house. I am happy that everyone likes me as their vice captain. I am proud to be the Constable vice captain."