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Whole School Curriculum Intent

All pupils access our well structured curriculum that prioritises their mental and physical health and well-being. We develop the whole child and celebrate their uniqueness. A love of nature is stimulated throughout the school. Christian Values are explicitly taught and embedded in school life. Our curriculum is broad and balanced- creativity in all areas of life encouraged and celebrated. Pupils build their global understanding and learn to understand and respect themselves and others, whilst also building a greater appreciation of the value of possessions and experiences. Pupils are given opportunities to learn about career paths and options to promote aspiration.

Whole School Curriculum Implementation

At Sproatley:
  • Outdoor learning is embedded through Forest Schools provision for all age groups.
  • Behaviour & wellbeing lead is in place to work with higher need cases & parents.
  • Support is given to teachers and teaching assistants by Behaviour & Wellbeing lead for classroom level needs.
  • Subject leaders are given regular leadership time to monitor their subject and to support other staff.
  • Subject specialists and champions provide Trust level and Hub level support.
  • Singing is prioritised.
  • Educational visits are built in throughout the academic year to enhance learning.
  • Theatre visit opportunities are presented to children.
  • Class books are central to all planning.
  • Supportive and supported parents.
  • Staff provide on the spot intervention alongside planned interventions.
  • The Worship Team is in place to develop children’s awareness of ownership and leadership.
  • School Houses nurture the idea of belonging and for the house captains, responsibility.
  • Our lunchtime gardening club is open to all pupils.
  • Children have two educational visits to see different faith places of worship (KS1 & KS2).
  • We offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Staff carry out careful planning to teach all areas of the curriculum creatively.
  • We utilise where possible our local area to make experiences and understanding real and relatable. 
  • Children are exposed to teaching and awareness of fundraising and charity work.

What Our Children Need

When developing our curriculum, we carefully considered what our children need (the things that our curriculum MUST provide):
  • Global and national understanding that builds their ambition to make a difference to the things they believe matter – building compassion.
  • Respect for themselves and others.
  • Appreciation of the value of possessions and a desire to respect their things and maximise the choices and opportunities that they have.
  • Good habits for their physical & mental wellbeing that they can take into adulthood.
  • To be confident readers.
  • A rich vocabulary and good communication skills.
  • Build a resilient attitude towards learning - children being happy to fail & keep trying. Not got it...YET!
  • Developing understanding of career path options.

What Our Locality Offers

We are fortunate to be based near a wide range of things that we can utilise throughout the delivery of our curriculum and to help develop our children. These include:
  • Burton Constable Hall
  • Green spaces, farms and woodland
  • Countryside walks
  • Elderly residents
  • St Swithin’s Church
  • Renewable power business links
  • Bus route to Hull - close proximity of very diverse inner city schools
  • Support network of schools
  • Higher Education Links
  • Hull City of Culture events
  • Theatre and musical events

Broad and Balanced Curriculum

We offer all children a broad and balanced curriculum by ensuring all subjects are delivered in line with the standards outlined in our curriculum implementation. These subjects are:

Core Subjects: Foundation Subjects: Enriched Curriculum:
  • Forest Schools
  • Wide range of sports opportunities, both in school and externally
  • Inclusive and diverse sports taught to children throughout the PE curriculum
  • Musical instrument lessons available on site
  • Visitors into school
  • Cultural trips
  • Residential visit for Year 5 and 6 pupils