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The New National Curriculum

As of 2016 Years 1-6 will all be taught from the New National Curriculum. The new curriculum has been introduced to raise standards in this country after research showed that other countries’ approaches were providing students with great achievement and learning.

The National Curriculum states:

there is an expectation that the majority of pupils will move through the programme of study at broadly the same pace and that pupils who grasp concept rapidly should be challenged through rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration to new content.

This quote is highlighting the emphasis of children’s depth of learning and understanding. Under the new curriculum children will be challenged and stretched more within content, rather than just moving onto the next area of learning once they can ‘do it’.



Life without Levels

The removal of national curriculum levels indicates that they were not a dependable way of defining achievement. Learning is no longer viewed as linear; where a child will move through the content (or levels as it was before) step by step. Progression within the new national curriculum is more focused on developing depth and understanding than on moving to the next set of content.

Learning within the new curriculum can be defined with the following three stages:

Basic Learning
Learning is basic and touches the surface of content. The learning may be retained, but can be lost if not used in a short space of time.

Advanced Learning
The learning sticks in the mind of the child, and they can draw upon what they have learnt at any time.

Deep Learning (Mastery)
The learning cannot only be recalled, but it can be transferred, used and applied in a wide range of contexts.


Mastery Learning

It is worth noting, that mastery learning is not working on the content from the next year group to demonstrate ability. In areas of maths, mastery learning is not completing the same questions but with larger numbers and in reading, mastery learning is not necessarily reading a more challenging text.


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